About Us

Founded in 2001, Tos Trading Solutions, Inc. (TTC) has been providing information technology & high end luxury good solutions to many small businesses to successfully operate e-commerce. TTC provides a full range of luxury goods closeout, specializing in sourcing products, unique productions, international manufacture warranty to your resellers / end users, distribution management and solutions. Partnered with a number of top manufacturers, TTC provides supplies of various brand new computer products, electronics, gadgets, women fashion, multimedia, entertainment & on demand brand new luxury goods.

Our strategy is based around offering our trading partners the advantages associated with the solid and diverse supply and demand chains we have been able to secure. To our customers this means competitive pricing, stock availability and product reliability.

Our multi-billion dollar network also means that TTC can respond quickly to global trends in the marketplace, protecting customers from market fluctuations while still focusing on the needs of the individual user.


What makes Tos Trading Corp, Inc. unique?

Our people

We invest heavily in our staff's ongoing education and career development. We are committed to bringing greater value to our customers by hiring the best people and helping them to realize their fullest potential.

Strong partnership with industry leaders

Our vendor relationships provide us with the best level of support and ensure that we keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Our extensive experience

With the solid technological background and experience possessed by our people, we can draw upon our experience to provide us with a rich knowledge base.

Our complete product supply line

With the large volume relationships we have with our luxury brand name affiliates, we can offer our clients much better pricing and terms than are generally available to the merchant public.

Our focus is client satisfaction

We tailor our support services to encompass regular communication with those who engage us to ensure that our staff is performing to their expectations. Our experience in this e-commerce industry has taught us that ensuring client satisfaction is our most important job.